How to check wind conditions while deer hunting

As most of you know, determining wind direction is one of the most important parts of the puzzle when deciding which stand to hunt for a given day.  Relying on the weather man to accurately predict what way the wind is gonna blow or is blowing doesn’t always pan out the way they predict.

So upon arriving at my hunting destination I will often take out my little wind checkers, and see what direction the wind if coming from to determine which stand to hunt for the evening.  Sometimes the wind will change while hunting, and you may need to relocate to a different set to have a successful hunt.  

Public land whitetails are often very cagey when coming across any human scent and will not tolerate any blowing in their direction (particularly mature bucks).  These little wind checkers (milkweed pods) will also help you to determine which way to access a particular stand.  We know we shouldn’t be walking into our stands upwind of any bedding areas.  So make sure to test the current wind conditions to make sure of this.  Otherwise your hunt may be ruined before it even begins.

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  1. Used to use powder started using app called Wind Compass free app has been very actcurate

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