2014 Public Land Rut Hunt

Come along as Matt gets in done on Halloween Night…on public land.  We just got out for a few hours of scouting the previous day and found some really fresh sign.  Actually, we kicked up two bucks that we figured just made the rubs we found.

There were some doe’s in the area too.  Probably why those bucks were cruising back and forth along that particular spot.  It was kind of a neat area.  With a thinned out over story of mature trees (mostly oaks and white pines) with a bunch of blackberry briars and the ground floor.

It was a little deceiving because it was kinda open looking, but thick cover on the ground.  Anyway,  it panned out!

Hope you’re having success this season, and if things aren’t going your way, maybe get out and do a little scouting to find some real-time intel on what the deer are up to.

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  1. Do you like to use deer cams for inventoring big bucks?
    First time on your site.

    • We, defiantly do. Although its hard to beat actual deer sightings from the ground or stand. During the rut picking out funnel areas and finding the does is a tough strategy to beat.

      We didn’t have any trail cameras up in this area, but just set up on some hot sign and the visual sighting of bucks in this area.

      Worked well on that hunt.

  2. If it helps I use deer cams – I have 5 cameras

    How do I subscribe

  3. Are you guys hunting southern , western central, Wisconsin?

    Up in Florence Co. deer are hard to come by – my feelings it will take 3 years to bring back good deer pop.
    and mature enough big bucks. I know there are big ones left but they are far and few

    • We are down by Appleton now, we just moved from Green Bay. But we kinda hunt all over. Our parents live in the Eau Claire area so we visit that way during the hunting season too.

      Yes, it is tough up north. I like challenges as much as the next guy, but if you want to see deer you got to hunt where there are some around, and at least decent ones.

      It’s kinda like walleye fishing in the state…if you want to catch a trophy visit the trophy spots: Fox, Peshtigo, Menominee rivers and of course the bay of Green Bay. Are there 30″ fish in Northern Wisconsin…sure, but you might spend half a lifetime trying to catch one. Put in your time for a week straight during the spawn and you could catch a couple over that mark.

      Anyway, good luck and don’t be afraid to venture south…less wolves and bears down here.

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