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ATTENTION Outdoor Business Owners: Would you like to add more customers to your business in 2015?


For Outdoor Business Owners: If You’re in Need of New, Sniper-Like Strategies to Reach Sportsmen and Women in the Crowded Online World…

                                                …I have some good news for You.

I am going to show you step by step how you can reach your EXACT target audience online, and get your business dead center in front of their noses.

Most business owners are doing this wrong and just plain half-assing it and expecting to get results.  When you get this right, your place of business or website will start buzzing with the sound of the cash register ringing, and ‘add to cart’ buttons getting clicked.

Are you ready for the answer that I have been teasing you with?  Well, for the smart business owners who get this and implement it…

…there lives will change.  And I am not saying that lightly.

You see, when it comes to advertising most owners just grudgingly hand over their hard earned money to the advertising czars hoping something just happens.  Hoping the phone rings, hoping customers walk in the door, hoping new visitors come to their website.

I’m sorry to say that Hope is not a good answer for getting new customers

Is there a better way? Absolutley!  Here’s How.

Direct response marketing is the key to the whole thing.  You shouldn’t settle for anything less.  Here is an example of what I am talking about.

Lets say you run a fishing lodge and decide to get a booth at the spring sport show.  The cost of that little 10×10 booth, (sandwiched next to your competitors) along with electricity, banner, and table runs you $1000 bills.

Now lets say  the average person or group spends $500 bucks to stay at your nice little lodge on the lake.  Well, you are going to need at least two bookings to break even, (in reality probably more accounting for your own expenses, lost wages, etc).

So, lets says you book 4 stays the length of the time you are at the sport show for a total of $2,000.  Not bad, but could you do better?

The whole key is getting the highest ROI possible on your money

I’m sure you know how well you do at these shows, maybe it’s a lot better than a 2:1 return on your money.  But, what I want you to see is that you got a direct response from the attendees at the show.

Lets say you put an ad in a regional fishing magazine that also costs a $1,000 but now get 3 people to call and book with you…nice a 3:1 return.

If you can’t tell me where your customers are coming from, and what methods are bringing your highest ROI, you seriously need to find out.

So, with all of this being said, let me show you how you can find your exact target audience online and get your place of business in front of anyone.  →This is a golden nugget…you must be able to track the results so you know if your ads are working, and if they are not, make changes until they do.

You can do all of this for as little as $5 bucks a day

Let me show you how to find sportsmen and women on Facebook (which has so much built in data on sportsmen, its scary) to market your business to.

Lets say you own a fishing lodge on Lake Gogebic in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  You can target any location that would be best for your business (even locally within 50 miles).  Here I picked some mid-western states for our example.

Pick the States or Cities that mos of your customers come from.

Pick the States or Cities that most of your customers come from.

Now, here comes the fun stuff.  You can pick your potential customers exact interests.

You can pick super targeted sniper-like interests of you target audience.

You can pick super targeted sniper-like interests of you target audience.

You’ll notice I picked Lake Gogebic specifically, along with lund boats, michigans upper peninsula, rapala, st. croix rods, upper peninsula of Michigan, walleye central, and walleye fishing.  People have “liked” these things on Facebook.

Now, my ad will only be shown to people that have expressed an interest in these categories specifically

Here is an example ad I whipped up that would appear to entice people to my website and call for more information.


How to make this work for YOUR Business?

Test, test, test everything you do.  You can run little ads on Facebook for $5 bucks a day, and just see what happens.  You don’t need to shell out gobs of money all at once.

Remember the Direct Response methods we talked about earlier?  You can easily see how well you ads are doing and if this is working.  If it’s not working, stop doing it, and try something else.

What I hate seeing is business owners put blind faith (and money) into ads that don’t have a direct response methods built into them.  You need to have a way to track how people end up walking through the front door of your business.

So, I hope that you took away some useful tips and some new strategies to grow your outdoor business.

If you would like further guidance or an action plan specifically put together for your business feel free to email me at or call (715) 610-4550 and we can discuss how to grow your business.

Warmest Regards,

Nick Gaede

PS     Even if your not sure if trying online advertising is right for you, you owe it to yourself to at least look into the idea.  If you choose not to go with it, you’ll at least know what your competition is up to.

PPS     One last thing.  This just one tool in my little bag of tricks.  There are other super targeted ways to get traffic to your business.  Call me now to see what could work for you.  No pressure. No sales pitch.  Just two people who love the outdoors chatting.  I’ll be working with less than 10 outdoor business owners per month (and only 1 in a specific niche) so if you drag you feet and miss out by waiting a few weeks to call… I can’t guarantee when or if I be able to get back to you.





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