Last minute deer scouting-where to find more deer in hilly terrain

If you ever wanted to see the insights to the madness of public land deer scouting…this video will cover some of the things we look for.

Knowing how to eliminate unproductive areas and key in on spots where deer are likely to be is all part of the scouting game.

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  1. Enjoy the videos. Thanks for assembling and posting. Have found for myself as I’m getting older (55), that there can be some good spots “close to the truck.” Hiking/scouting/hunting far back can be tough, although frequently rewarding. Looking forward to more videos. The scouting/trail cams ones are esp good. Good luck this next season.

    • Appreciate the kind words. Getting way back in can get tiring, even for us “younger” guys. The challenge we have now is getting our dad out and on deer. He is approaching 70 soon and can’t hike through the thick and nasty stuff easily. Your right, there are some spots close to roads that are overlooked, they are a nice find. Good luck this fall too, hope you have some luck.

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