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When a plan comes together..

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 9.31.49 PM

My Dad hasn’t been hunting in over 13 years. We got him on a Nice 10 Pointer during the rut and Now were heading out to get some Fresh Meat from the woods.. See how we used the River to sneak up on all these Deer…

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One Key Spot not to Over Look when your out Scouting this year..


We made it out Scouting this Past weekend and found a new area you guys will find interesting..  Make sure you keep and Eye out for these spots when using Google Earth and out Scouting.. We found some Big Buck sign in this Spot. Check it out….   Get our FREE scouting video’s above (we used these strategies to harvest ...

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Public land late season scouting adventure…where do the deer hide?


The deer are out in the cattails!   Make sure you are not overlooking spots that look like they would be better for duck hunting than for deer hunting… …Big Bucks love to hide in the Cattails.

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Tracking a Big public land buck: caught on camera in da marsh….


My brother was lucky enough to get a dandy public land buck on camera out in the marsh. He was bedded down in some cattails and didn’t even move till he got about 10 yards from him. Those deer in the cattails sometimes got to be kicked in the ass before they will show themselves.

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Testing out the new aerial footage machine: the quad copter…


We got some deer on camera in out backyard with out new quad copter.  I think we will be able to bring some cool footage to you guys with this thing…pretty sweet!

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