Finding these overlooked areas will get you closer to a big buck this fall.

Matt and I made it out for a day of scouting and found a really nice area to hunt this fall.

Most guys will overlook spots like this because there aren’t many trees in the area to place

tree stands, but that keeps the hunting pressure down.

Less pressure= More Deer.

Next time you are out in the woods, don’t bypass areas that look like they would be better for duck or pheasant hunting, than

deer hunting…

…your next buck might just be hiding in some head high grass waiting for dusk to approach before sneaking out to feed.

You’ll be waiting.



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  1. Hey guys,

    Was out scouting yesterday on some public land with a lot of cattail marsh. Found several trails cutting to and from a 2 acre oak island in the center of the marsh. The only way to get to the island without using one of the deer trails is by boat. My question is this: there’s one stand on the oak island already but no hunter sign at the access points where dry land gives way to marsh. Could I set up at the trail head where the deer exit and enter to marsh to get to the island? Let me know if possible.

    Good luck this year!


    • Ed,

      I think that could work. One thought…if possible maybe set up 1st in an observation area/stand to see how the deer are using the island.

      This may or may not be possible for you though based on cover, etc. Just thought I would throw it out there. Lots of times the bedding by the islands is off the tips where it gets brushy. As long as you could get onto the island without spooking the deer things should work out…sounds like a good spot. Good Luck.

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