Picked up our delicious Venison today…

No more having to buy crappy snack sticks from the gas station…got our real meat back today!

The Discover card wasn’t too happy today, but I was.  We stopped by maplewood meats and picked up all of our venison that we had made into snack sticks, sausage, brats, bacon, and breakfast links.  Man it sure looks good.

SAMSUNGI really liked the jalepeno and the honey BBQ sticks.  They will make for great snacks out in the

woods or on the boat. I think we ended up with 16 pounds of sausage, 15lbs of jalapeno and

cheesesnack sticks, 26lbs of honey bbq snack sticks, 21lbs of venison bacon, 20lbs of sausage

links, and 21lbs of jalapeno and cheese bratwurst.  Our little chest freezer is full to the gills with

all of the vension steaks, roasts, and hamburger piled in the bottom of it.

Deer hunting was pretty good to us this year with myself, brother, and dad all getting nice archery

bucks.  My brother really put down a dandy whitetail with the rifle.  We were able to get all of our

bucks on public land which was awesome.

IMG_3450 The only thing that is going to hurt is the taxidermist bill in a

few months.  We’ve been out doing a little post season

scouting already…looking for next years big buck hideouts.  It

seems that to be successful at consistently being able to

harvest  food for the freezer, and to get a trophy for the wall… you really have to be out scouting more than

you hunt.  I know it really paid of this year and hopefully next year will bring similar results.  Well, good luck

hunting, there is still late bowseason left for those that have unfilled archery tags.  Stay Warm!

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