Silver skin removed
Silver skin removed

When you find yourself processing your deer…remember this…

When you find yourself in the middle of processing your deer this fall…remember this…

After you have removed your delicious backstraps from your deer, do not remove the “silver skin” or “sinew” from them before you wrap them in freezer paper or vacuum pack them.

Put your backstraps in the freezer with the silver skin on.

Put your backstraps in the freezer with the silver skin on.

Now this is just a suggestion, but it’s something I have been doing the last several seasons, and it seems to really help keep your meat in the best condition before eating.

This accomplishes two things:

  1. Leaving the silver skin on the backstrap acts almost like and addition layer of wrapping or freezer paper, as well as keeping air from reaching that side of the meat.
  2. I will usually cut my backstraps into thirds, leaving the silver skin on them without slicing up the straps for steaks or anything else.  By keeping the backstrap as one solid piece you essentially eliminate more places for air to reach your meat, causing freezer burn.

I’ve been pretty bummed out to open some packages of meat 9 months after harvesting my deer only to find the edges are all freezer burnt.  Now I have to try and cut some of that off, wasting meat that I normally wouldn’t have to.

Keeping your backstraps as one solid piece with the silver skin on will extend the life and quality of your meat.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention to that this helps speed up the process of butchering your own deer too.  By simply cutting up the backstrap into thirds and wrapping them, you save some time from the deer hoist to the freezer!

When you decide to get some fresh venison out this fall simply un-thaw, shave of the silver skin, and slice into whatever sized delicious, mouth- watering steaks you need.

Silver skin removed

Silver skin removed

Notice the meat is nice and red underneath this skin…ready to be sliced up and cooked however your heart desires.

Try this out this fall and I think you’ll be happy with the results.

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