Public Land Squirrel Hunting

Ah, as much time as I spend sitting in a tree waiting on whitetails…it comes to me that I should probably get out and do some more small game hunting.  Whether it is squirrels, rabbits, ducks, or grouse, hunting small games is downright fun and it sharpens the skills.

It’s sad that too many guys overlook chasing down some bushytails as a great pastime.  You must practice the fundamentals of shooting, moving slowly, and it is a great treat to watch the woods come alive with movement in the treetops.

With deer hunting sometimes we only get to pull the trigger a time or two each season.  Hunting small game lets us shoot more often and not always be so serious about hunting.

 It’s like being a kid again.  No worries.  Just fun.

Next time the weather might not be quite right for your favorite deer stand or maybe a little to warm, grab a friend or kid, and take them out to do a little squirrel hunting…

…you might just hook a hunter for life!


Special thanks to Addison Lee for letting us come along on the hunt with him.

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